How It Works

PathO3Gen Solutions offers a simple process to footwear sanitization.

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    Step on the footwear sanitizing station

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    Wait for as little as 6 seconds

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    Shoes are sanitized – eliminating 99.9% of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Candida species and other deadly pathogens and 97.5% of Clostridium difficle (C.diff)


Patented Solestice 3/15 Technology™

PathO3Gen Solutions’ patented Solestice 3/15 Technology™ combines the power of UVC + Ozone (O3) to crack pathogen outer capsid and denature DNA for maximum effectiveness.

4-8 Second Footwear Sanitization

Our UVC + Ozone (O3) technology provides a quick and effective method to footwear sanitization and is safe to use, regardless of style of shoe.

Complete Footwear Sanitizer

Regardless of shoe size or style, PathO3Gen Solutions’ technology sanitizes the entire area to ensure optimal sanitization and HAI prevention.

Simple Sanitization

Our footwear sanitizing device is designed to accommodate a one-step process to provide ease-of-use to patients and staff members entering your healthcare facility.

Sleek Design

From concept to development, PathO3Gen Solutions’ footwear sanitizing station was created with healthcare facilities in mind; providing a non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing design for healthcare facility settings.

  • 1 – Solestice 3/15 Technology™
  • 2 – 4-8 Second Footwear Sanitization
  • 3 – Complete Shoe Sanitizer
  • 4 – Simple Sanitization
  • 5 – Sleek Design
The safety of our patients is our number one priority, and we are committed to having the most advanced technology to deliver the best care possible. These sanitizing stations allow us to establish new protocols that proactively prevent infections to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients while they’re in our care.

Debi Martoccio
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
AdventHealth Connerton
As a former Hospital CEO, the safety of one’s life in your hospital is a BIG responsibility especially when 1 – 20 inpatients will contract a healthcare associated infection (HAI). The addition of a footwear sanitizing station that addresses floors is a promising technology that is needed to complete an effective Infection Control Program. With the technology’s ability to kill the DNA of pathogens and not allow it to regenerate, this is a game changer!

Celeste Wiggins, MBA
Healthcare Consultant

Results That Work. A Proactive Approach to Reducing HAI Costs.

HAIs generate higher costs for healthcare facilities and, if the issue of contamination and spread isn’t solved quickly, the costs can be devastating. Investing in better preventative measures can help reduce those costs while saving lives and providing a better overall quality of care.

Discover the impact that PathO3Gen Solutions can have on your bottom line.

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