The PathO3Gen Advantage

Healthcare facilities have procedures in place to help reduce the spread of HAIs which includes; handwashing, disinfection of floors and high touch surfaces. However, the pathogens sneaking into healthcare facilities on the shoe soles of patients, staff and visitors are just as deadly but often overlooked…

Until now.

PathO3Gen Solutions™ is a completely new kind of protocol. It sanitizes shoe soles before pathogens can enter an area, spread and result in a HAI.

Shoe-Borne Pathogens are Prevalent

Pathogens are walking into healthcare facilities at an alarming rate. In fact, according to a 2017 live independent user study, over 77% of the soles of shoes walking into a hospital contained MRSA, C. diff, and other pathogens.

Pathogen Solutions UV Shoe Floor Borne

77.7% contaminated by MRSA

Pathogen Solutions UV Shoe Bacteria Sanitizer

75.5% contaminated by C. difficile

PathO3Gen Solutions’ groundbreaking technology is designed to crack pathogen DNA, penetrate it and kill it. The result? The spread of foot-borne pathogens throughout the healthcare facility is dramatically reduced.

Pathogens Don’t Stand a Chance

Patented Ozone (O3) + UVC Technology

PathO3Gen FSS destroys. No regeneration. No reproduction. Ozone (O3) + UVC penetrates and destroys the capsid and DNA of the pathogen – killing 99.999% of the deadliest superbugs in seconds.
Pathogen Solutions UV Shoe Sanitizer Technology
As of 2014, the CDC estimated that 1 in 25 patients admitted to a hospital contracted an HAI. The average cost of care for just one HAI is over $22,000. Our Ozone (O3) + UVC technology eliminates 99.999% of pathogens on the bottom of shoes that may cause HAIs.

Beyond Saving Lives

While providing a higher quality of care through the control and prevention of HAIs, PathO3Gen Solutions also offers cost savings to hospitals. Now, what would happen if you reduced the number of patients contracting HAIs in your hospital? See for yourself.

Calculate Your Savings Impact

Reducing the number of HAIs in your healthcare facility can have quite an effect to your bottom line. Take a look.



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